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Respect other members and the moderators at all times. We will not tolerate any type of discrimination or bullying.

Moderators have the right to ban members and as such, those that do not follow the rules will be given two warnings. A third offense will lead to a ban.

Please take the time to read over our Roleplay Etiquette 101.

If you have any problems or question, feel free to comment here or to contact a mod, our contact info is here, and we will look into it as soon as possible.
This community is pan-fandom and we accept characters from absolutely anything - books, movies, tv shows, anime, cartoons, comics, manga, video games - as long as you can write a good application for them.
However, we do not accept characters from ‘crack’ fandoms such as Spongebob Squarepants. We also do not accept original characters.
If you are in doubt as to whether your character's fandom is accepted please feel free to ask either by posting a comment to this entry or contacting a mod.

As this roleplay is set in a world where magic does not exist, any magical or special abilities characters have must either be removed completely or adjusted suitably. Tails and animal ears and wings and the like must also be removed or adjusted to be accessories etc. If your character has any powers in canon and you are in doubt as to whether they would be suitable, please contact a mod.

We are an AU community. Your character will have been born in this world, rather than arriving from their own and as such we allow changes to character's background, though please try to keep them close to canon.

Please stay in character. A character is expected to change throughout the course of a roleplay but please keep your character as canon as possible.

No god-modding. This means you can not control another player’s character unless you have received permission from them.

Six characters are allowed to each member. These can be from any of our accepted fandoms but players cannot apply for any more than two from any single fandom.

You must post in your own characters journal at least once every two weeks or be actively commenting (this means at least 5 comments per week) in other characters journals to be considered active.

If you will be on hiatus or you are dropping a character, post here to let mods know.

If you drop a character you must wait two weeks before reserving or applying for another character. This is to reduce the number of characters who are picked up, unactive and then dropped only to be replaced by a character the same.
When posting logs please use the subject line to tell us whether it is complete/incomplete/open and then the following format:

We allow yaoi/yuri and mature themes but please remember to place warnings in the rating and/or summary section. Please note that all characters involved in sexual relations must be of the age of 18 or over. Any posts rated R or NC-17 MUST be placed under friends lock!

Entries in this community must be tagged appropriately with the log status and the characters involved. Do not simply expect mods to do this for you. If your character does not have a tag, mods will create one once you have posted in a log. If you need instruction on how to tag a log, please read our posting and tagging tutorial for the logs community. If you need additional help please don't hesitate to ask somebody or look at all the other logs and see how those were done.

If you wish to blow something up or create a major event (such as raiding a club, or arresting a group of characters) that can affect other characters, you need to run it by a moderator first and get their approval.
Entries in this community are posted by the player, this includes posts introducing yourself to the community or posts letting the community know you will be on hiatus or dropping a character as well as anything else relating to the community.

Please remember to use tags when posting introductions, hiatus and dropping posts in this community.

♫ You may now apply for your chosen character. To show you have read and understood the rules, please copy/paste 'video killed the radio star' and place it in the example journal entry section of your application. ♫
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