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School→→The junior school, middle school and high schools are all situated on the same campus, near the city center, surrounded by residential areas for easy access for young students. It is a large collection of buildings, each designated to the different sections. It promotes a friendly environment and good learning and many students go on to study at the University in the city. Like the University, it has classrooms with up-to-date technology and science labs, three large cafeterias and a student space, in the High School section, for students to spend their time during free periods, as well as a library.

University→→Situated in a beautiful location near the suburbs of the city, the university offers a wide range of classes and courses and is incredibly well known, nation-wide, for its exceptional pass rate. Campus has plenty of hi-tech classrooms and state of the art science labs, as well as a large cafeteria and a private, student-only, library.

Central Library→→As the name suggests, this library is in the centre of the city and contains a wide selection of children’s books, novels, reference books, backlogged magazines and newspapers and a newly added computer area with free access to library members.

Museum and Art Gallery→→The Museum’s only permanent exhibit is the national history section, there are always new and exciting things to come see and learn about. The Art Gallery displays range from some of the finest paintings from Japanese artists, from classic to modern art.
Student Dorms→→Student dorms are very close to campus and offer catered and self-catered lodgings to students.

University owned apartments→→The University also owns cheap-rent apartments throughout the city, for students who do not wish to live so close to campus but do not have the money for their own place.

Other→→Land is not particularly expensive in and around the city and apartments and homes nearer to music supporting clubs and bars tend to go cheaper to keep tenants quiet.
Central Hospital→→Have you been injured or are you sick? The city has a large hospital with not only a GPs office, A&E and ICU but also an extensive range of specialised wards with trained, friendly staff to help with any ailment you may have.
Shinra Inc.→→Shinra Inc. is a world renowned electric company and provides the majority of the city's electricity, lighting over three quarters of the homes. The building is situated in the business district and is well known for being of elegant and ornate design - the fountain outside a real eyecatcher! Unknown to the population however, Shinra is also involved in shady business and invest in their own "security group" as well as weapons manufacturing. They are almost always hiring good people, so stop on by and drop off your resume today! [If you want a character to be involved in Shinra Inc, please contact Rufus-mun]

Archadian Enterprises, LTD.→→Archadian Enterprises is own by the Solidor family. Though they do supply a small part of the city's electricity in comparison to Shinra, Inc., AE's main industry lies in that of weapons manufacturing. They sell arms to countries and organizations world wide, but are best known in western Europe and especially Italy where their headquarters is located.
Shopping district→→The city has a rather large shopping district, home to a brand new mall as well as plenty of other shops to suit everyone’s needs.

China Town→→For those looking for a different taste of the oriental, the city's China Town is the place to go! With a large number of Chinese restaurants and shops, it's home away from home for Chinese people living in or visiting the city.

Aquarium→→The city's aquarium is a popular attraction for both children and adults and is home to almost 200 species of fish, sharks, dolphins and other aquatic-life. There is a gift shop available for buying souvenirs and sea-themed toys!

Cinema & Theatre→→Want to catch a movie? Or maybe see a play? This is the place to come! Situated just outside the town center, the building has recently been refurbished and is now home to a new IMAX screen!

Kaiba Land 3.0→→ A theme park owned by Kaiba Corp and mainly geared toward electronics and video games, with lots of holographic displays around on top of rollar coasters, games, etc.

Recreational Center→→Fancy a swim? Or fun on the ice? Or maybe a long workout in the gym? This is the place to go! The rec. center has a pool, ice rink, tennis courts, a gym and a soft-play adventure zone for kids! It also offers classes in martial arts and gymnastics among others.

Kenjutsu Dojo→→ Owned and run by Saber, this dojo is one of the best in the city and is open to everyone!

Twilight Candies→→ One of the biggest and best candy stores in the city, it carries nearly ever sweet you could possibly desire! This family-owned and operated store will give you great service as you shop for your next dream-fulfilling sweets!

Pet Shop Babylon→→ A pet shop just opened but fast becoming popular! Situated in an easily accessable part of the city, this pet store is perfect for all your animal needs!

Turtle Game Shop→→ A game shop which sells board games, puzzles, trading card games, and normal playing cards.
The Blue Hydrangeas→→A restaurant which supports music.

The Rising Sun Café→→A small, non-music supporting cafe.
Sunrise→→Underground bar/club. Supports music.

The Red Devil Lounge→→A cocktail bar with an underground club. Supports music.

Sodom & Gomorrah→→Strip bar/club. Supports music.

Paradice→→Underground bar/club situated under a casino. Supports music.

The Cat’s Eyes Bar→→A bar which supports music.

Seventh Heaven→→A bar which supports music.

Nosferatu→→A bar which supports music.

7 Moons→→A bar which supports music.

These locations are not strictly the only places characters can go, feel free to create your own! If anything has been missed out or there’s a location you wish to add, please comment here and we will add it to the list!
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