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Five years ago, a piece of legislation was passed in this city banning music. Composing music, playing music, recording music and even listening to music was prohibited. Radio stations and music and instrumental stores were shut down; records, cds, music dvds and books were removed from shelves.

Anyone found violating the music ban would be arrested and fined.

The reason for this law? The death of a Politician's daughter at a music concert held in the city. A local bill was met with astounding support from the Government and was passed as a law only months after the death. Public speculation is that the Government views music as a cult, as something evil, and fear led them to pass the law - and perhaps this is the truth.

The first rebellions, staged by those against the music ban, were crushed and members arrested and fined as stated by the law. Eventually, after a year of fruitless protests and demonstrations, the rebels fell silent, leading the Government to believe they’d won. They believed wrong.

Rather than falling silent and complying with the law, music supporters moved underground to hidden bars and clubs that refused to stop playing music. It was dangerous, but it was worth it.

Unfortunately, a supporter of the ban stumbled upon one of the less well hidden underground clubs and the Government was alerted to their existence. Raids began on clubs, bars and other music supporting establishments and continue even now.

Despite the Government’s attempts to shut down the underground music scene, the rebels are persistent.

The ban and its effects have caught the attention of many groups since it came into effect. Recently, the most notible is the Mafia and the Yakuza. Seeing the money that could be made from it, a number of Families have become competitors in trafficking illegal music to the people of this silent city. This had lead to war between some Families, and unbeknownst to it's citizens, the city has become their battle ground.

Its been almost four years since the last street protest but lately word has been spreading through the underground. Word of a competition planning to bring musicians city wide together. Word that, with the new aid from the Mafia, rebels are gathering again, planning rise up, to fight for their rights again. Perhaps they can succeed where others have failed, and bring an end to this reign of silence.

The Government isn't about to sit back and let this happen though...
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